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Renovation of Historic Tank House

Pictures of Jelich Ranch Historic Tank House



For many years the tank house was left topless, after a run-away truck lost control and slammed into it.  Today the tank house looks as good as “old.”

Rebuild of Equipment Barn

Picture of Old Equipment BarnPicture of new equipment barn

The original barn was two stories high with a hay loft.  When the top floor caved in decades ago, the barn was significantly reduced in height.  The wood from the old barn was salvaged for a future project.  The new barn is used to house tractor and farm equipment, and Phil’s office.

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Installation of New Fruit Trees

Picture of Fruit trees old and new
300+ new fruit trees have been planted since 2000.   Every new tree is diligently installed with an underground gopher cage to protect the root system, and an above ground deer cage to protect the fruit and photosynthesis process.  See the Product Information section for a listing of new trees and varieties.

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Upgrade of Orchard Irrigation System

Prior to 2003, there was no access to city water in the orchard.  Established trees were/are watered naturally from high subterranean water tables.  For two years, we watered all new trees by hand from a tractor pulling a water tank.  Today new trees are watered by hand with a hose.

Well Drilling

Picture of Well DrillingExtensive, expensive, and time consuming drilling efforts revealed salty water, lethal to trees if used for irrigation.  Unfortunately right now, we must rely on city water for irrigation.


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Upgrade of Orchard Road System

Picture of Upgraded Orchard Road SystemsPrior to 2003, most of the orchard was inaccessible by vehicle for six months of the year, due to muddy terrain.  We’ve recently made an environmentally sound road system out of mulch and volcanic rock that allows us to access the orchard year round.

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Reparation of Fruit Storage System

The Apple Barn houses a large, newly restored, walk in cooling system that allows us to store fruit, and stall the ripening process.  This extends the fruit selling season, and allows the fruit to be perfect when sold to local markets.
Organic Certification

Effective 2003, for the first time in history, Jelich Ranch is a “Certified Organic” orchard!  The process to become certified is quite extensive and costly, but well worth it in benefits to our health and the environment. 

For more information about what it means to be “certified organic”
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Installation of barn owl and bluebird boxes

Picture of Bluebird housePicture of Owl House

In an effort to honor and attract barn owls and bluebirds (both good for the environment), we have installed several barn owl and blue bird boxes at the ranch.

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