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Product Information:

How often does one have the chance to purchase fresh fruit from a local historic organic orchard?  By purchasing produce from Jelich Ranch, you will benefit in the following ways:

Fresh and Flavorful Fruit

The sooner you eat harvested fruit, the better it tastes.  Produce that is grown out of the area loses its flavor in the time it takes to be stored in a cooler, packed for transit, transported by land or air, unpacked, and stocked at your local grocery store waiting for purchase.  In addition, fruit that is shipped over long distances is harvested before its time to ensure that it does not over ripen in transit.

Optimal Nutritional Value

In the time that it takes to import produce from other states or abroad, produce loses its flavor and nutritional value.

Ensured Emergency Food Supplies

As local farmers continue to be edged out of the market by interstate and international competition, we increase the risk of being cut off from our food supply in the event of an emergency.  Imagine an energy crisis that prohibits interstate and/or international shipping, or a natural disaster that shuts down our transportation systems.

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