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Q: Do you have cows, horses, and chickens at Jelich Ranch?
A: No, we do not have any farm animals at Jelich Ranch. Some day in the future we plan to have chickens.

Q: Why do you call Jelich Ranch a “ranch?”
A: From our name, people often assume that we raise cattle, sheep and/or horses here.  The Jelich family named this parcel of land “Jelich Ranch” almost 100 years ago. The word ranch also implies “an area devoted to a particular specialty” , a fruit orchard.

Q: Will you ever reopen the fruit stand out front of Jelich Ranch?
A: At this point in time, we have no plans to reopen the fruit stand.  We may reconsider this option in the future.  In the mean time, Jelich Ranch fruit is available at local merchants (see Product Information section for a complete list of merchants).

Q: Where is the Jelich Family now?
A: Sadly, Walter Jelich Jr. died in January of 2000 and his wife Zelda passed away in February of 2006.  Jeannie, one of Walter and Zelda’s daughters lives right next door, while Joyce their other daughter lives down the street.  Other Jelich family members live in Redwood Shores, Walnut Creek, and Arizona. 

Q: What are you going to do with the Woodchopper’s House?
A: The Woodchopper House has been offered to the Town of Portola Valley for historical purposes.  Location and funding for renovation are some of the issues under consideration.

Q: Are any of the houses at Jelich Ranch available for rent?
A: The only house we rent out is Billy’s house, and we hope he continues to live there for a long time.

Q: How old is the oldest fruit tree at Jelich Ranch?
A: About 80 years old!

Q: Is it true that Ansel Adams photographed Jelich Ranch?
A: Yes!  We have one of the prints, dated 1940.

Q: Is Jelich Ranch open to the public?
A: For liability reasons and to ensure the owner’s privacy, Jelich Ranch is not open to the general public. 

Private classes, tours, field trips and camps are offered throughout the year on a very limited basis.  For more information refer to the “Just for Kids” section of this website.

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