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Meet ranch manager, “Skip!”

Picture of Skip Jelich Ranch Manager Skip is the Ranch Manager at Jelich Ranch.  He does many different jobs, including driving and fixing equipment, planting new trees, wood working, harvesting, and drying fruit.   Skip was born and raised in Palo Alto.  From a very young age on, he worked with his father in their Los Altos orchard.  Skip tells us he likes working at Jelich Ranch because he never gets bored, and enjoys the freedom that comes with his job.   If you ever get the chance to meet Skip, you will surely like him a lot.


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Meet ranch owner, “Phil!”

Picture of Phil Jelich Ranch OwnerPhil was born and raised in Pana, Illinois, population 6,000.  As a young boy, he worked on his Uncle Virgil’s farm, managing the chickens, bailing hay, and mowing.  With his small-town farming roots, Phil is right at home on this ranch.  These days Phil spends a lot of time managing the business operations at Jelich Ranch, overseeing new projects, and often rolls up his sleeves to offer Skip a hand (or two) in the orchard.

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Meet ranch owner, “Cindie!

Picture of Cindy Jelich Ranch ownerCindie was raised in Portola Valley, where her parents Manuel and Linda Lozano, still reside.  As a young girl, she remembers buying fruit from Walter Jelich at Jelich Ranch, and attending Portola Valley School (currently the Town Center) located next door to the ranch.  Cindie is a nature enthusiast who enjoys sharing her on-going discoveries with children and adults.  At the ranch she develops curriculum and hosts camps, tours, and field trips.



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Meet long-time resident, “Billy!”

Picture of Billy Jelich Ranch Long Time ResidentBilly has been living at Jelich Ranch since 1991, when he moved into the original tractor barn.  He tells us the wood from his house was felled in La Honda, milled in Redwood City, and delivered to the ranch in 1908 by draft horse.   In 1940, the Jelich family converted the tractor barn into housing for immigrant workers.  Billy has a great reverence for days gone by, and the simple life.  This is evident by the old relics that adorn his house.


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Meet orchard guru, “Terence!”

Picture of Terence Jelich Ranch Terence is a legend in the organic farming industry, dating back to the days when he worked with the renowned John Jeavons, founder of Grow Biointesive and Ecology Action.  He currently runs the operations of a large organic farm in Watsonville and consults for Jelich Ranch part time.  We are greatly indebted to him for sharing his enthusiasm for organic farming and fascinating wisdom.


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Meet beekeeper, “Mark!”

Picture of Mark Jelich Ranch Beekeeper
Mark is owner of Ace Hardware Store in
Portola Valley.  On the side, he is
Beekeeper Extraordinaire!  Lucky for us,
some of his bees live at Jelich Ranch and
help us pollinate the fruit trees.  Be sure
to buy some of his sweet honey at the
hardware store.

second picture of Mark Jelich Ranch Beekeeper


Portola Valley Hardware
112 Portola Road
Portola Valley, CA 94023

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Meet Skip’s dog, “Gretchen!”

Picture of Gretchen, Skip's DogGretchen is a teenage German Short Hair Pointer.  You’ll see her at the ranch whenever Skip’s around.  Kids LOVE Gretchen!  She is very mellow and sweet.  On their days off, Gretchen and Skip hunt together.



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Meet Cindie’s dog, “Marga!”

Picture of Marga, Cindie's DogMarga is a blue eyed, blue merle, Australian Shepard – beautiful in body, mind and spirit.  She was born in July of 2002.  The name Marga is an Indian word that means, “To follow the path of the animal spirit to your inward most heart.”   And that we do, thanks to her

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Meet Skip’s new dog, “Cody!”

Picture of Cody, Skips new puppy Cody is a German Wire Hair Pointer, born in November of 2003.  She loves coming to the ranch with Skip everyday and exploring the terrain.   What kid could resist such a cute pup?  Soon she’ll be fully trained, and hunting with Skip on his days off.

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Jelich barn cat, “Louie!”

Picture of Louie, the Barn Cat Picture of Louie the barn cat sleeping In October of 2006, six years after we inherited him from the Jelich Family. Louie died of old age in the arms of Billy who lives on the property.  We miss Louie!  He did a great job of keeping the mouse and gopher population down, and was always ready for affection when the kids came around.  He had a sister who looked just like him named “Rubber Legs,” because she loved to rub against people’s legs.  Louie was one tough cookie who survived the harsh weather and wildlife for 15+ years. 

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Meet the wildlife at Jelich Ranch!

Jelich Ranch is adjacent to Windy Hill Open Space Preserve.  The 1,308 acre preserve features open grassland ridges and forests of redwood, fir, and oak.  Lucky for us, many of the neighboring wild creatures visit the ranch.  Some even choose to build homes here!  We often see the following spontaneous visitors and co-habitants at Jelich Ranch:

  • Deer
  • Coyote
  • Bobcat
  • Garter Snake
  • Frog
  • Red Tail Hawk
  • Gopher Snake
  • Cotton Tail Rabbit
  • Blue Heron
  • Barn Owl
  • Wild Turkey
  • Duck
  • Blue Bird
  • Black Bird
  • Turkey Vulture
  • Quail

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